Featured Projects: Construction

Anchor House

A transformative project with apartments for more than 770 students. The design and construction of Anchor House are being paid for in full by a philanthropic foundation. This will be Berkeley's first campus housing project dedicated to transfer students.

Clark Kerr Campus - Building 21

This project will seismically improve a portion of the existing building structure. As part of this project, existing roofing that is damaged and degraded will be removed and replaced, new gutters will be installed, and a portion of the exterior will be painted.

Moffitt Library Seismic Improvements

Moffitt Library will temporarily close for a seismic strengthening project that will wrap approximately 86 columns with structural carbon fiber reinforcing wrap.

Robert and Elizabeth Karplus Outdoor Nature Lab

An area that is currently a lawn, juniper trees and non-native vegetation will be transformed into a rich learning environment that inspires observation and investigation of wildlife and animal behavior, native plants and habitats, and species diversity.

Stephens Hall Exterior Refurbishment

Stephens Hall opened in 1923 and was designed in Collegiate Gothic style by architect John Galen Howard. The building's exterior is a priority for repair to preserve the architectural heritage of the campus and avoid future costly repairs due to avoidable weather damage.