Contractors & Consultants

Administration of agreements for professional, architectural, and construction services at UC Berkeley.

UC Berkeley seeks participation from contractors, design professionals, and consultants, including those that qualify as a small and diverse business, by providing them equal opportunity to compete for university contracting and consulting opportunities.

Design professionals and firms interested in pursuing contracts to perform construction services for UC Berkeley should review the UC Annual Announcement (PDF).

Projects Currently Bidding

Brief descriptions of projects currently bidding, including links to advertisements and announcements containing details on where bidding documents can be obtained and submission deadlines.

Bid Results

Summary of contracts awarded within the last three months.

Requests for Qualifications

Projects currently soliciting for design professionals, consultants or construction managers. Includes links to a summary of the RFQ document and awardees from the past three months.

Professional Design Services

Although the University does not maintain a pre-approved bidder’s list, individuals or firms that wish to be considered for selection as consultants by the University of California, Berkeley to provide such services should submit a Consultant and Design Professional Business Information Form. The form will be accepted at any time and will be kept on file. There is no need to file a Form each year unless your firm’s information or status has changed.

Mini Projects Program

The Mini Projects Program is intended for use on small recurring construction work. It is governed by the provisions of the Public Contract Code.

Contractors will be qualified through Capital Projects on an annual basis. Trade pools will be opened twice every fiscal year (next open June 2018). Contractors who are awarded work under this program will sign a Mini Form Agreement for each Mini Project.

The maximum contract amount for painting and flooring is $35,000.

The maximum contract amount for any other trade, including all mechanical, plumbing and electrical work is $25,000.