The Gateway


Project Phase:
Planning & Design

Anticipated Completion:
Academic Year 2024-25


Lead Design Architect:

Executive Architect:

Project Location:
Campus Park (map)

Project Inquiries:
(510) 495-5786

Visit our Environmental Review page to access applicable California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) notices and documents for UC Berkeley capital projects.

Imagine the Gateway at UC Berkeley

In this video, hear from students, faculty, and campus leadership about the importance of The Gateway, opening in 2025 to house Computing, Data Science, and Society. The Gateway will bring together ingenious minds from Berkeley’s disparate disciplines to utilize the latest in data science and AI for the sake of the public good—whether it be in the fields of biomedicine and human health, climate and sustainability, or human welfare and social justice. (Video by Stephen McNally and Stefanie Kalem)

Learn more: The Gateway at UC Berkeley (Light the Way: The Campaign for Berkeley)

The Gateway at a Glance:

  • 380,000 square feet, anticipated opening in academic year 2024-2025
  • Prominent location of arrival and entry to the campus
  • Collaborative space for approximately 1,600 faculty, students, researchers, and staff
  • Draws diverse scholars from multiple disciplines to catalyze discovery and impact
  • Interconnected work and meeting spaces encourage exploration and engagement
  • Built-in flexibility for future needs of fast-evolving fields
  • Construction is anticipated to begin in 2022

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