Planning Documents

2020 UC Berkeley Long Range Development Plan

The 2020 Long Range Development Plan is a master plan designed to shape renewal of the campus in a way that supports key academic goals and preserves the university's historic architecture, natural beauty and unique character. The environmental analysis was completed and released to the public on January 3, 2005. The plan was unanimously approved by the UC Board of Regents on January 20, 2005.


Campus Planning Documents

Physical Design Framework

The Physical Design Framework describes the current state of the campus physical environment alongside our design objectives, and prescribes principles and guidelines to ensure projects in the capital plan meet the design objectives.


New Century Plan

The new century found UC Berkeley at the threshold of major physical change. The substantial capital investments required to improve the seismic safety of our buildings, and accommodate the growing number of college-age Californians, also presented us with a unique opportunity to leverage those investments to renew the campus, and provide the space and infrastructure we require to maintain the Berkeley standard of excellence.


Landscape Heritage Plan

The Landscape Heritage Plan provides direction to the university administration, planning and design staff, and design consultants for landscape rehabilitation and enhancements within the Classical Core. The plan is intended to inform the landscape design process in the assessment and application of cultural landscape values for the development of site improvements.


Landscape Master Plan

The Landscape Master Plan, a comprehensive long range plan that guides the stewardship of the campus open space, was published in January 2004. The Plan presents a broad physical framework for the use and treatment of open space within the central campus. By establishing a vision for the form and expression of the landscape, the University ensures appropriate long-term development of the campus and associated support of the University mission.


Campus Bicycle Plan

The Campus Bicycle Plan is to improve bicycle access for students, faculty, staff and visitors. As the first-ever bicycle plan for UC Berkeley, this document initiates the formal integration of bicycling into campus policies. The Plan is also an effort to educate people about the importance of bicycling to the campus.


Historical Studies and Reports