Facility Use Permits

A Facility Use Permit (FUP) is a short-form license for very limited use of a facility, such as an off-site classroom rental, use of meeting space, or rental of an athletic facility. 

Facility Use Permits for use of off-campus property by University departments are reviewed and executed by the Real Estate division of Capital Strategies, with the exception of the following contract types that are handled by Supply Chain Management:

  1. Travel and entertainment contracts for off-site events which involve the serving of food/beverages/catered items (such as departmental conferences, retreats or picnics); and
  2. Travel and entertainment contracts for overnight occupancy at hotels or conference facilities.

Facility Use Permits for use of University property by outside entities are handled by the campus building overseeing the facility.  The authority to approve facility rentals to outside groups is delegated to the highest-level administrative official of each campus department and applies only if these guidelines are followed:

  • The revised Facility Use Permit (FUP) Form is used. This document has been developed by the appropriate campus officials to ensure that the University’s assets and interests are properly protected.
  • A Certificate of Insurance must be obtained from the outside group naming “UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA REGENTS” as additional insured with General Liability coverage of not less than One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) per occurrence. The certificate must be provided to University prior to the event no later than the number of days outlined by the facility in order for the outside group’s event to take place. Questions about insurance coverage requirements can be directed to the Campus Risk Management office via phone at (510) 642-5141 or email (risk@berkeley.edu).
  • If the outside group does not have insurance, it may be able to purchase insurance online for an additional fee through the University’s third-party insurance broker, AMBA, (866) 838-9536.
  • The completed and signed Facility Use Permit is retained by the department for a period of five years after its expiration.

This delegation may be re-delegated to an alternate individual, provided that the delegation is given in writing and signed by the highest-level administrative official. 

For more information about the facilities rental process and/or the revised Facility Use Permit form, please email Shauna Brown. For more information about insurance, visit the Risk Services website or contact Janice Hing at (510) 643-9318. 

Please note that our Real Estate division continues to coordinate requests by departments to rent non-campus facilities. This service includes reviewing and signing on behalf of the campus all facility use permits issued by non-campus entities and working with the Risk Management Office to obtain appropriate insurance certificates.

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