Campus Planning

In campus planning, we look at the big picture. We conceptualize and consider how we can best shape the built environment.

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Campus planning provides a framework that guides future development of our built environment – the buildings, open spaces, transportation and circulation, and infrastructure improvements – to maximize the effective use of University property and keep the campus functioning effectively. Campus planning is coordinated by two teams: Capital Planning, and Physical and Environmental Planning. Their functions include space program development, funding analyses, obtaining project approvals with the Office of the President, navigating environmental regulations to minimize impact, and communicating with campus and neighbors about projects.

Start Here: New Project Initiation

Ready to start a new capital project or get an estimate? You've reached the right place to begin working with Capital Strategies. Even if you don't have your project idea all figured out - we're here to help.

Campus Planning Documents

Review documents, including the Long Range Development Plan, that provide a framework for the growth and development of the UC Berkeley campus.

Capital Financial Plan

UC's system-wide capital program is driven by campuses’ academic and strategic plans. The CPF is updated annually and developed based on the near-term needs of each campus for buildings and physical infrastructure.

Committees: Planning, Design, and Finance

Learn about the Capital Planning Committee (CPC), the Design Review Committee (DRC), and Capital Projects Finance Committee (CPFC), three administrative committees that guide UC Berkeley capital project planning, design, and financing.

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