Programs for Sheltered Bidding and Contractor Pools

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Sheltered bidding/sheltered applicant pool for small business enterprise (SBE)/disabled veteran business enterprise (DVBE)

The President of the University and Regents have set a goal of 25% SBE/DVBE participation for Design and Construction contract spend by 2025. Sheltered Bidding/Sheltered Applicant Pool is a program whereby a portion of contracts are designated, before solicitation of qualifications or proposals, for submission from Small Business Enterprises (SBE) and/or Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (DVBE). The goal of sheltered selection is to provide greater opportunities for such business enterprises in UC capital programs.

Mini Projects and Contractor Pools Program

The Mini Projects Program and the Contractor Pools Program are two programs based upon the university's standard Mini Form Agreement and Multiple Prime Contract Agreement. It is intended for use on recurring construction work for specific trades with specific construction values. It is governed by the provisions of the Public Contract Code. Contractors will be qualified through Capital Projects on an annual basis and pools will remain open until otherwise stated by the university.

Training and Outreach Webinars

The University of California is offering a series of free training and outreach programs specifically designed to increase the involvement of Small Business Enterprises in UC Design, Professional, and Construction Capital and Facilities projects.