Capital Projects

Managing the design, construction, retrofitting and restoration of campus buildings and their surroundings.

The Capital Projects team manages the design, construction, retrofitting, and restoration of campus buildings and their surroundings. Many skilled professionals work in Capital Projects as architects, landscape architects, planners, engineers, inspectors, construction specialists, contract administrators, accountants, and administrative personnel, all of whom work to serve the campus community.

Featured Projects: Design & Planning

Projects currently in the early stages of development.

Featured Projects: Construction

Selection of active projects currently underway.

Featured Projects: Recently Completed

Highlights of recently finished projects.

Capital Strategies: Recharge Rates for the Current Fiscal Year

The approved recharge rates for all campus departments, including Capital Strategies, for the current fiscal year are posted by the Office of Financial Planning and Analysis on the UC Berkeley Chief Financial Officer’s website.

Historical rates by recharge unit are also available on the CFO’s website.

Transfer Funds to a Project

Please visit the UC Berkeley Controller's Office website for detailed information about departmental transfers of funds to capital projects and plant funds.