Start Here: New Project Initiation

Ready to start a new capital project or get an estimate? You've reached the right place to begin working with Capital Strategies. Even if you don't have your project idea all figured out - we're here to help.

Unifier is our online system for all UC Berkeley departments to initiate new capital projects of any size and amount, as well as estimates and studies.

Accessing Unifier:

  • Your CalNet ID is your username and password.
  • But first, you must request access to the Unifier system to log in.
  • Contact Elliott Park at to request Unifier access. Please be prepared to provide your: 1) CalNet username, 2) UCPath ID number, and 3) Home department code.

Unifier Support:

Frequently Asked Questions about Unifier:

I'm a new user. How do I get access to Unifier?

Your CalNet ID is your username and password. But first, you must request access to the Unifier system to log in. Contact Elliott Park at to request Unifier access.

In your email requesting access, please be prepared to provide your:

  1. CalNet username
  2. UCPath ID number
  3. Home department code

Where do I log-in to Unifier?

Click the blue box at the top of this page to log-in to the Unifier system. You must request Unifier system access before you can log-in using your CalNet ID. Contact Elliott Park at to request Unifier access.

I'd like to request a study or long-term planning. Do I submit a request through Unifier?

Yes. Use Unifier to initiate studies and long-term planning, in addition to estimates and new projects of any size and amount.

Can I use Unifier to make changes or ask questions about my space allocation?

No. Please contact the Office of the Vice Provost for Academic and Space Planning. Capital Strategies does not oversee space allocations or assignments.

Do I use Unifier to lease rental space in campus-owned or privately-owned buildings?

No. Please see our Real Estate section for details on how to request leases for rental space in campus-owned and privately-owned buildings.

What project information/details will I need to submit a request in Unifier?

Be prepared with the following:

  • Each project has an owner (usually the unit/department initiating the project)
  • Each project needs a sponsor (dean or vice chancellor responsible for your unit/department)
  • Programmatic justification
  • Project description
  • Project type
  • Location
  • Cost estimate
  • Funding strategy
  • Requested schedule

Important notes:

  • Support from the project sponsor is required for a project to be reviewed by campus senior leadership.
  • For proposal questions in advance of receiving your sponsor's approval, please contact Judy Chess.

What are Capital Strategies' recharge rates?

Recharge rates for every UC Berkeley campus department are posted in one, central location by the Office of Financial Planning and Analysis. Recharge rates are updated annually.

What happened to the PIR and PRR forms? Do I still need to submit a PIR or PRR form?

Capital Strategies launched a new system called Unifier in November 2020 for campus units and departments to initiate new projects of any size and amount, as well as to request estimates and studies. Unifier has replaced and eliminated the old PIR and PRR forms.

Once I submitted my request for a new project or estimate through Unifier, what will happen next?

Capital Strategies staff will review your information within five working days. The proposal will either move forward for implementation or be sent for review by campus leadership. If your proposal cannot move forward at this time (for example, because it is inconsistent with UC policy or State of California law), Capital Strategies staff will be in touch to discuss your proposal further.