Leasing Services

The first step for any UC Berkeley entity looking for leased space is the Capital Strategies Real Estate team.

Real Estate has the responsibility for reviewing and analyzing all off-campus requests for leased space on behalf of UC Berkeley.

When you contact our Real Estate team, we’ll discuss your needs to identify potential sites and to estimate costs. We can also assess if there is appropriate space in any university-owned buildings off-campus. On behalf of the campus, Real Estate has responsibility for negotiating final lease terms in accordance with university policies, including but not limited to insurance and indemnity requirements, seismic safety, fire and life safety, and ADA requirements.

New Leases

If suitable space on-campus is not available, departments that are interested in leasing new space off-campus should contact Real Estate Services before engaging in any discussions or negotiations with private market real estate agents, firms, or representatives.

Please include the following information:

  1. Confirm if you have contacted UC Berkeley’s Office of Space Planning to assess if there is appropriate space in any university buildings on-campus.

  2. What type(s) of space do you need (retail, office, lab)?

  3. What is the total amount of space you need?

  4. Do you have specific needs (number of offices, conference/collaborative space, parking, etc.)?

  5. When is occupancy desired?

  6. How long do you want to lease the space?

  7. Confirm that you have funding available for the new lease and all associated costs, which may include (but are not limited to) tenant improvements, furniture, and moving. Funding for associated costs must be allocated and available prior to lease execution.

Lease Administration

If you are currently leasing space and wish to exercise your lease options, renew your lease, or have other questions, please contact Real Estate Services to discuss your request.