Leasing Services

The Real Estate team is responsible for the review and analysis of all requests for leased space off-campus.

New Leases

If suitable space on-campus is not available, departments requiring new leased space need to complete a Project Initiation Request. Select "lease (new)" from the list of project types.

The Project Initiation Request will provide the Real Estate team with the necessary information to work with your department to identify potential sites and to estimate costs. It also ensures the appropriate offices are aware of projects being initiated and is used to determine if there is appropriate space in any campus-owned buildings off-campus.

Once a site is identified, the Real Estate team will negotiate final lease terms (in accordance with university policies, including, but not limited to: insurance and indemnity requirements, seismic adequacy, fire and life safety, and ADA requirements).

Lease Renewals

Departments renewing existing leased space also need to complete a Project Initiation Request. Select "lease (renew)" from the list of project types.