Anchor House: News & Project Updates

November 5, 2021

Notice of Construction.

The following construction notice was mailed to neighbors of the project site and adjacent property owners. [continue reading]

July 22, 2021

Filing of Notice of Determination.

This Notice of Determination is to advise that the University of California (Lead Agency) has approved the above-described project on July 22, 2021, and has made the following determinations: [continue reading]

June 17, 2021

Downtown Berkeley Association Gives Full Support of Anchor House.

I am writing on behalf of the Downtown Berkeley Association regarding our full support of the Anchor House project, bounded by Oxford and Walnut, and University and Berkeley Way in Downtown Berkeley.

This project will significantly contribute to the ongoing revitalization and cultural vitality of Downtown Berkeley by providing housing for 772 students and approximately 15,000 square feet of ground level retail on key perimeter linking the Downtown and campus. Specifically, the project provides the following: [continue reading]

June 15, 2021

San Francisco Housing Action Committee Endorses Anchor House.

The Housing Action Coalition is pleased to endorse Anchor House, an exemplary mixed-use project in Berkeley. After a detailed presentation, the committee determined the project exceeds our high standards in addressing our region's affordability and displacement crisis.

The committee commends the project's excellent land use, as it will develop an underused site into a 14- story building with 244 furnished apartments and 772 single rooms. UC Berkeley provides the lowest amount of student housing among all UC campuses, thus worsening the city's already-severe housing shortage. Anchor House would provide nearly nine percent of the campus housing goals for the next 10 years without requiring any public funds. Additionally, all net operational revenue will fund 100 annual scholarships, including for first-generation college students and students from underrepresented communities. [continue reading]

June 7, 2021

Anchor House Cultivates Opportunity, Connection, and Healthy Foods.

UC Berkeley’s first donor-funded housing since 1942, Anchor House will be much more than a dormitory when it opens in 2024. By prioritizing housing for transfer students, generating revenue for scholarships, and providing unique opportunities for developing life skills — including a healthy relationship to food — Anchor House makes an important contribution to cultivating a more inclusive and vibrant campus culture.

The facility’s amenities include a teaching kitchen and a 1,000-square-foot rooftop garden that will serve the Berkeley Food Institute (BFI) and the Rausser College of Natural Resources (RCNR) as well the nearly 800 students who will live there. 

“The new teaching kitchen space within the Anchor House will fill a critical need on campus,” says Nina F. Ichikawa ’00, the BFI’s executive director who was herself a transfer student. “We look forward to inviting local chefs and food producers to share their wisdom with us, while breaking bread together.” [continue reading]

June 4, 2021

Berkeley Chamber of Commerce Expresses Support for Anchor House.

I am writing on behalf of the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce to express support for the Anchor House student housing project at the corner of University Avenue and Oxford Street in Berkeley, just one block from the UC Berkeley campus. The Berkeley Chamber of Commerce is Berkeley's premier organization for Berkeley businesses and supports the economy of Berkeley by providing education, advocacy, and connection to its member businesses.

This project will result in many benefits. In the first place, Anchor House will prioritize housing for transfer students, who face greater challenges (compared to their first-year counterparts) in finding accessible and affordable housing near campus and successfully transitioning into the campus community. A higher percentage of transfer students come from disadvantaged backgrounds as compared to incoming freshman students. In addition, the Anchor House project will also address vital needs of commuter students by providing the campus's first dedicated commuter lounge with lockers and restrooms, as well as access to the indoor/outdoor fitness facilities. [continue reading]

February 22, 2021

An update from Chancellor Christ on two UC Berkeley student housing projects.

Four years ago, a campus task force documented the extent of our student housing crisis, and set the stage for an urgent initiative to address it. UC Berkeley houses fewer undergraduate and graduate students than any of the other UC campuses. Due to the high cost and low supply of housing close to campus, we estimate that 40% of our students are not able to live in Berkeley, undermining your ability to thrive, succeed and fully partake in all that the university has to offer… [continue reading on BerkeleyNews]

January 27, 2021

Transformative student housing project to redevelop university-owned apartment building.

With the help and support of a generous donor, UC Berkeley is taking a significant step forward in addressing the urgent need for additional student housing. Anchor House, a transformative new housing project with more than 750 beds, will be built on a site in the city of Berkeley that is bounded by University Avenue, Oxford Street, Walnut Street and Berkeley Way. The design and construction of the building are being paid for in full by a philanthropic foundation, and once the building is open, the net operating revenues it generates will go toward providing scholarships for low-income Berkeley students. Anchor House will be the first donor-funded residence hall on campus since Rosalie Stern funded Stern Hall, which opened in 1942… [continue reading on BerkeleyNews]