Anchor House: Project Vision

Core idea: home inspired. A place that inspires curiosity and inquiry.

Anchor House is focused primarily on transfer students at UC Berkeley who are predominantly from California community colleges, are disproportionately from underprivileged backgrounds compared to the general undergraduate population, and have been found to have greater challenges assimilating into campus life.

Our Mission:

To nourish the minds and bodies of students to bolster their potential for success.

Our Vision:

A home that helps students discover healthier ways of living, thinking, and eating.

Anchor House Core Values:


  • Exploring new ideas independently, outside of the traditional classroom experience.


  • A balanced, well-rounded approach to physical, mental, and emotional health.


  • Reliability and transparency, and escape from academic, financial, and social pressures.


  • Individuals united by shared responsibilities and a sense of belonging and pride.

UC Berkeley students walking through Sather Gate.