Downtown Berkeley Association Gives Full Support of Anchor House

June 17, 2021

I am writing on behalf of the Downtown Berkeley Association regarding our full support of the Anchor House project, bounded by Oxford and Walnut, and University and Berkeley Way in Downtown Berkeley.

This project will significantly contribute to the ongoing revitalization and cultural vitality of Downtown Berkeley by providing housing for 772 students and approximately 15,000 square feet of ground level retail on key perimeter linking the Downtown and campus. Specifically, the project provides the following:

  • Much needed housing for students near campus, serving diverse transfer student population, that will bring cultural diversity and vitality to the Downtown and campus.
  • Amazing retail spaces with high ceilings and outdoor café seating on University Avenue attracting new tenants and connecting the pedestrian experience to rest of the Downtown.
  • Beautiful design and finishes that complement the historic and modern design aesthetic of the Downtown.
  • Much needed anchor at top of University Avenue, acting as gateway to University of California and Downtown Berkeley.

Historically the Oxford Street Downtown/Campus border been in a sorry state, not worthy of a great University and amazing City. Anchor House is a wonderful and worthy addition to this key border that started with the opening of the new BAMPFA in 2016. Down the road, we look forward to working with the University in supporting the renovation or replacement of University Hall, completing the revitalization of this town/gown perimeter into a vibrant engaging community interface.


John Caner
CEO, Downtown Berkeley Association