New Century Plan

Welcome to the New Century

The new century finds UC Berkeley at the threshold of major physical change. The substantial capital investments required to improve the seismic safety of our buildings, and accommodate the growing number of college-age Californians, also present us with a unique opportunity to leverage those investments to renew the campus, and provide the space and infrastructure we require to maintain the Berkeley standard of excellence.

Because our resources are finite, however, we must ensure each new investment represents the optimal use of land and capital, preserves and enhances our extraordinary legacy of landscape and architecture, and improves the quality of campus life. The New Century Plan provides a comprehensive strategic framework for these decisions.

About the Plan

Download the Plan

Download the Plan

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Section Size Publication Date
About the Plan 2.2 mb pdf 6/10/03
Strategic Goal 1 2.6 mb pdf 6/10/03
Strategic Goal 2-3 2.8 mb pdf 6/10/03
Strategic Goal 4-6 2.4 mb pdf 6/10/03
Strategic Goal 7-10 1.7 mb pdf 6/10/03
Project Portfolio 2.4 mb pdf 6/10/03
Project Guidelines & Approval 2.0 mb pdf 6/10/03