Introducing the 2022 Campus Master Plan, a renewed long-term vision for the physical development of the Berkeley campus

March 30, 2022

The following CalMessage was sent on March 30, 2022, to the Chancellor's Cabinet, the Council of Deans, department chairs, Chief Administrative Officers, and all Administration Division staff. Recipients were encouraged to cascade this message as appropriate within their organization.


Today, we are delighted to share that Chancellor Christ has approved a new Campus Master Plan that establishes a renewed long-term vision for the physical development of the Berkeley campus. It has been more than 17 years since the campus approved such a plan. The 2022 Campus Master Plan is a collection of proposals for big ideas and individual projects, all in support of UC Berkeley's recently updated strategic goals around: academic life; housing and campus life; landscape and open space; athletics and recreation; mobility and accessibility; seismic needs; historic resources; signage and wayfinding; sustainability and resilience; fire mitigation; and infrastructure.

The 2022 Campus Master Plan is not a blueprint or a guarantee, rather, it is a collection of recommendations to achieve our strategic goals and priorities. The plan functions as a guide to help shape future capital project proposals and assist decision-makers in the review process. As projects are funded and realized in the coming years, they will continue to be evaluated through the campus's comprehensive approval process.

Campus and Community Engagement
We specifically wish to thank the devoted faculty, staff, and students who served for several years in the Advisory and Working Groups that oversaw the creation of the 2022 Campus Master Plan, as well as the recently approved 2021 Long Range Development Plan. We also wish to thank the campus community for their tremendous support and participation in numerous workshops, focus groups, and open houses. A community-oriented approach to developing these plans was critically important to campus leadership, and the plans embody thousands of hours of participation by faculty, students, staff, and the community.

How to Use
The 2022 Campus Master Plan comprises two documents that are available on the Capital Strategies website: 1) Executive Summary of the plan's highlights, and 2) Campus Master Plan that comprehensively shares specific recommendations for future campus development. The Campus Master Plan should be used in tandem with the 2021 Long Range Development Plan (our regulatory framework and land use structure) and the Physical Design Framework (specific design guidelines for new buildings and renovations), which are two separate planning documents and also available on the Capital Strategies website.

Additionally, the Campus Master Plan incorporates broader campus-wide initiatives, including the Strategic Plan, the Chancellor's Housing Initiative, the campus Sustainability Plan, and the UC Seismic Safety Policy.

The 2022 Campus Master Plan supersedes the 2003 New Century Plan, 1995 Signage Guidelines, 2004 Landscape Master Plan, and 2006 Campus Bicycle Plan. These plans are now retired.

The acknowledgments at the end of the 2022 Campus Master Plan further highlight the many groups and individuals who guided and contributed to this multiyear effort. Without the efforts of everyone who participated in the planning process, the plan could not have been completed and we are deeply appreciative of their support.


Marc Fisher
Administrative Vice Chancellor

Wendy Hillis, AIA
Campus Architect and Assistant Vice Chancellor for Capital Strategies