Anchor House: Single Bedroom Apartments

Anchor House seeks to set a new standard for student residential living, designed to foster independent and healthy living skills vital for students after they graduate. 

There will be 47 studio apartments, 30 two-bedroom apartments, 3 three-bedroom apartments, and 164 four-bedroom apartments. Each fully-furnished apartment features private, single bedrooms, non-recirculated air, and large windows that allow abundant natural light into bedrooms and living spaces. Built-in desks are situated in front of the windows for access to natural light and air.  Each apartment in Anchor House includes a full kitchen with major appliances, as well as an in-unit washer and dryer. 

Design inspiration for student studying and sleeping areas in apartment bedrooms.

Beyond their apartments, Anchor House students will discover abundant spaces for social interaction and well-being: spacious lounges and meeting rooms, an 8,600 square foot fitness center, and a pantry off the central courtyard where groups can prepare and share meals.

The indoor-outdoor living style in Anchor House includes a central landscaped courtyard, multiple terraces and balconies with views of the Berkeley campus and the San Francisco Bay.

Typical four-bedroom apartment plan.

Typical four-bedroom apartment plan.