South Hall Exterior Refurbishment


Project Phase:
Recently Completed

December 2020


Architectural Resources Group

Rainbow Waterproofing & Restoration

Project Location:
Campus Park (map)

Project Management:
UC Berkeley Capital Projects

Project Inquiries:
(510) 495-5786

South Hall opened in 1873 and is the only remaining building today from the original UC Berkeley campus. The building is an urgent priority for repair to preserve the architectural heritage of the campus and avoid future costly repairs due to avoidable weather damage.

The exterior of South Hall is being repaired as a critical component of the campus Deferred Maintenance program. Refurbishments will include replacing damaged roof shingles and flashing, restoration of the wood cornices, resealing and cleaning of exterior masonry and granite, and resealing the third-floor dormers and windows. Repairs will also be made to the east portico and stairs.

Construction began in late-July 2020 and was complete in December 2020.