Northern Regional Library Facility - Phase 4


Project Phase:
Recently Completed

November 2020


Project Architect :

XL Construction, Inc.

Project Location:
Richmond Field Station (map)

Project Management:
UC Berkeley Capital Projects

Project Inquiries:
(510) 495-5786

The Northern Regional Library Facility (NRLF) at UC Berkeley’s Richmond Field Station is one of two Regional Library Facilities that provide books, journals, maps, and other material storage and access services for the 10 University of California campus libraries.

The 98,000 square foot main building was completed in 1982; an 84,000 square foot stack annex was completed in 1990; and a 67,000 square foot storage module, as well as a new reading room, were added in 2005. The NRLF offers high density, low-cost housing for infrequently used library materials. As of June 2018, the NRLF held over 7.2 million items (mostly books and journal volumes, but also microfilm, maps, audio discs, manuscripts, archives, and other formats normally collected by research libraries).

Both the Northern Regional Library Facility and Southern Regional Library Facility are reaching capacity and expansion of the northern facility has been deemed necessary. The fourth phase expansion to the NRLF responds to the need for storage for new and archival library collections as well as changing space needs in UC campus libraries. NRLF Phase 4 provides 10 years of needed new storage capacity for low-use library materials of research value in the most cost-effective, economical manner for the libraries of the UC.

Construction began in spring 2019 and completed in November 2020.