Summer 2020: Virtual Open House for LRDP and Campus Master Plan

May 28, 2020

This message was sent to all UC Berkeley faculty, students, and staff on May 28, 2020.

Dear campus community,

A multiyear process is underway to update two important documents that guide the planning and future development of the UC Berkeley campus: the Long Range Development Plan and the Campus Master Plan. I invite you to participate this summer in a virtual open house to see results from the first phase of the work underway and to learn about our integrated planning approach - that means considering how one planning topic, like transportation/mobility, relates to another, like climate resilience. After each section, I hope you will take a moment to answer a few questions and to share your thoughts and ideas.

Broad campus and community participation is vitally important in our multiyear effort to envision and plan the campus of tomorrow. The first phase of work engaged students, faculty, and staff in hundreds of focus groups, workshops, and presentations, as well as tabling sessions and public open houses open to everyone. This summer's virtual open house is another opportunity for everyone on campus and in the community to learn about progress being made and to share their perspectives and feedback.

To participate, visit the virtual open house anytime before August 31, 2020. (Note: The site is optimized for desktop computer viewing.) Additionally, I invite you to learn more about the Long Range Development Plan and the Campus Master Plan on their respective websites and to view future opportunities to participate.

Wendy Hillis, AIA
Campus Architect and Assistant Vice Chancellor, Capital Strategies