Centennial Bridge


Project Phase:

Anticipated Completion:
Late 2024


General Contractor:
Granite Construction Company

Project Location:
Hill Campus
Centennial Drive at Lawrence Road (map)

Project Inquiries:
(510) 495-5786

Visit our Environmental Review page to access applicable California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) notices and documents for UC Berkeley capital projects.


On Tuesday, May 28, and Wednesday, May 29, Centennial Drive will be closed for construction. This will impact access to and from UC Berkeley's Hill Campus areas. H Line will not operate on Tuesday and Wednesday, and riders will need to take AC Transit Line 65 instead. See UC Berkeley Parking & Transportation's website for detours and additional details.

Project Background

Starting in November 2022, a new section of roadway will be constructed in parallel to the existing Centennial Drive in the UC Berkeley Hill Campus, between the UC Botanical Garden and the Lawrence Hall of Science. Centennial Drive will remain open to traffic in both directions throughout construction, which is anticipated to take approximately two years.

Flaggers will temporarily pause traffic in each direction for a few minutes during weekday construction hours (7 a.m. - 7 p.m.), to accommodate construction activity and to maintain safe driving and cycling conditions past the work area.

When construction of the new section of roadway is complete, likely in late-2024, there will be a couple of weekend closures of Centennial Drive to connect the new roadway with the existing roadway, which will be advertised well in advance.

During this project:

  • Centennial Drive will be open to traffic in both directions without flaggers when construction activity is not taking place.
  • During weekday construction hours (7 a.m. - 7 p.m.), Centennial Drive may be reduced to one lane, between Grizzly Peak Boulevard and Stadium Rim Way, to accommodate construction activity. Throughout the project, flaggers will maintain the flow of traffic by temporarily pausing drivers and cyclists in each direction for approximately 3 to 5 minutes (Please note: delays can vary due to time of day, traffic volume, and type of construction activity).
  • Construction is not anticipated on most weekends. When occasional weekend activity is necessary, work would occur between 9 a.m. - 8 p.m, and flaggers would maintain the flow of traffic in both directions.
  • There will be no construction activity on days with Cal Football home games.
  • Large equipment will arrive at the construction site outside of peak commute times, to the extent possible, to reduce traffic impacts.
  • In the event of a wildfire in the vicinity of the Hill Campus, construction activity will pause, and Centennial Drive will reopen to traffic in both directions in a matter of minutes.
  • Electronic signage will be placed on Grizzly Peak Boulevard and Stadium Rim Way to inform drivers and cyclists in advance that they should anticipate delays on Centennial Drive.
  • All University of California facilities along Centennial Drive will remain open during this project.

Construction Updates

  • Initial weekday construction activity is anticipated to start on Monday, November 7, 2022.
  • Digital signage will be in place to notify drivers and cyclists in advance to expect weekday delays on Centennial Drive starting Nov. 7.
  • Please be advised of increased construction activity and temporary traffic interruption on Centennial Road near the Botanical Garden Parking Lot/LBNL Strawberry Gate starting April 6, 2023, which will increase the amount of continuous one-lane closures that will switch between the uphill and downhill directions throughout the day. Traffic control and flaggers will be onsite.

Why is this project is taking place?

Centennial Bridge is an overpass in UC Berkeley's Hill Campus, where Centennial Drive crosses over Lawrence Road. Centennial Drive connects the main Berkeley Campus to several facilities in the Hill Campus including the Lawrence Hall of Science. The existing bridge was constructed in 1965 and is along a hillside historically known to have landslides. Despite numerous repairs to this section of roadway over several decades, it shows significant ongoing deterioration. During a strong seismic event, the overpass could be at risk of structural failure.

Replacing this section of Centennial Drive is a high priority for UC Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL) to prevent an unplanned total closure of Centennial Drive following a strong seismic event. The State of California has approved funding for the university to design and construct a new replacement bridge in parallel to the existing one. Once the replacement is constructed, Centennial Drive would be connected to the new bridge and the existing bridge demolished. Construction will take approximately two years to complete.

Additional Information