Small Projects and Estimates

Campus Renovations

Submit a Project Renovation Requisition for very small projects or maintenance work with a total expected value less than $35,000. Projects exceeding $35,000 in value, please submit a Project Initiation Request.

The information needed to fill out a Project Renovation Requisition includes a brief project description, requestor contact, business manager contact, and chartstring (required). The requestor also provides direction to proceed without a formal project estimate, or to start with an estimate.

Note: UC Berkeley VPN is required to access the Project Renovation Requisition from outside of campus.

Gateway Estimates

For estimates, also submit a Project Renovation Requisition.

More about Gateway Estimates:

The Gateway Estimate is a general cost evaluation for a project concept that has a preliminary scope of work.

It is prepared without the benefit of drawings or detailed investigation and so is not to be used as a firm or final budget, but can help determine if your department has the funds to proceed with the work. There is a fee of $950 for this service. If your project is complicated and cannot be accommodated within the standard fee, a Project Manager will advise you of the cost and appropriate next steps once the request is submitted.

Request a Gateway Estimate through our Project Renovation Requisition.

  • Please note that a chartstring is required as part of your request

Within seven days of your submission a project manager will contact you to discuss the proposed project, and to schedule a meeting. The project manager will prepare an estimate based on historical data for previous campus projects, one site visit and meeting, and an assessment of readily-available existing information about the affected facility/space/building. You will receive a two-page “Capital Project Scope and Gateway Estimate” document outlining the project goals and objectives, scope, cost, schedule, risks and mitigations, and potential next steps. Except for very complex projects, you can expect to receive this document within two weeks of your meeting.

** Important note about campus costs and standards **

Numerous factors can significantly influence the cost of a project and campus projects must comply with the following standards:

  • Work must comply with all state and federal regulations.
  • All trade bidding must follow public contracting regulations.
  • Permits are required for most projects; for campus projects they are issued by the Campus Building Official.
  • Contractors must be established and reputable, with adequate liability and worker’s compensation insurance coverage, and pay California prevailing wages.
  • A contingency amount is added to cover the cost of unforeseen circumstances. Contingency funds may not be used for changes in a project's scope, and any unused contingency funds will be returned to the sponsoring department.
  • All projects greater than $100,000 are subject to a 4% Campus Renewal fee.

Inspection Services

Starting July 1, 2018, Project Renovation Requisitions will no longer be used for Inspection Services. Inspection Services will be administered by Facilities Services through the Campus Building Department as part of their permit process.