Project Initiation Request

The project intake and approval process helps the campus leadership prioritize improvements and manage the entire campus environment comprehensively.

Use the Project Initiation Request for the following:

  1. Space alterations (requiring design and/or construction)
  2. Renovation and construction projects
  3. Studies and long-term planning, or ideas/plans that might later result in a capital project
  4. Leases for rental space (in campus-owned and privately-owned buildings)

Be prepared with the following:

  • Each project has an owner (usually the unit/department initiating the project)
  • Each project needs a sponsor (dean or vice chancellor responsible for your unit/department)

Important notes:

  • Support from the project sponsor is required for a project to be reviewed by campus senior leadership
  • For proposal questions in advance of receiving your sponsor's approval, please contact Judy Chess
  • Funding requests for emergencies are considered year-round (with a project sponsor’s endorsement)
  • Viable funding plans for proposals are required, as the campus cannot afford to backfill any projects with unmet funding expectations

Start here: Submit a Project Initiation Request

You will be asked to provide the following information. If you do not have answers to all questions, please provide best available information and we will contact you for follow-up. Your answers will enable Capital Strategies to identify the best approval path for your project.

  • Programmatic justification
  • Project description
  • Project type
  • Location
  • Cost estimate
  • Funding strategy
  • Requested schedule

Learn about the next steps forward after submitting a Project Initiation Request:

Step 1: Input

Capital Strategies staff will review your information within five working days. The proposal will either be moved forward for implementation or sent for review by campus leadership. If your proposal cannot yet move forward – for example, because they are inconsistent with UC or State of California policy and/or law – Capital Strategies staff will advise you what next steps to take to move forward.

Proposals are screened:

  • To confirm that the project is consistent with strategic academic planning (Vice Provost Academic Planning)
  • To determine if funding proposal is aligned with campus budget and debt policy (Vice Chancellor Finance)
  • To validate the proposed funding strategy from philanthropic sources (Vice Chancellor University Development and Alumni Relations)

Please note: This step does not approve the project, but endorses the concept moving forward for further study.

Step 2: Recommendations

  • Vice Provost Academic Planning
  • Vice Chancellor Finance
  • Vice Chancellor University Development and Alumni Relations
  • Associate Vice Chancellor for Capital Strategies

Capital Strategies staff will identify any issues and prepare recommendations. Depending on the complexity of your proposal, there may be a cost for this step if technical information such as architectural or environmental planning services are needed.

For potentially complex projects where funding is required, Capital Strategies staff will provide a memorandum with the information required to complete this step and its estimated cost.

Step 3: Decision

Vice Provost Academic Planning, Vice Chancellor Finance, and Vice Chancellor University Development and Alumni Relations, will determine whether or not to forward to the campus Capital Planning Committee for review.

The Capital Planning Committee will forward their recommendation to the Chancellor.