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Under the direction of the Vice Chancellor of Finance, the integrated teams of Capital Strategies work together to bring planning, construction and development services to the campus.

Capital Planning

Guides the approval process for UC Berkeley capital improvement projects, facilitates project intake and evaluation process, manages campus project approvals, develops the annual Capital Financial Plan, and coordinates project approvals as required by UC Office of the President and the UC Regents. Collaborates campus-wide to prepare and disseminate project information to departments and units, provides information required by State agencies, and responds to project-specific inquiries by the campus, the Chancellor, and the UC Regents and Office of the President.

Judy Chess Director of Capital Planning
Kyle Gibson Director of Communications
Elliott Park Administrative Officer

Capital Projects

Manages the design, construction, retrofitting and restoration of campus buildings and their surroundings. Many skilled professionals work in Capital Projects as architects, landscape architects, planners, engineers, inspectors, construction specialists, contract administrators, accountants and administrative personnel, all of whom work to serve the campus community.

Shannon Holloway Director of Capital Projects

Project Cost Management

Jay Chavez Senior Financial Analyst
Nick Mata Consultant

MEP/PRR Program

Paul Oda Team Manager
Mason Chase Project Manager
Julia Gee Project Manager
Gwen Salter Institutional Research Analyst
David Sasai Project Manager
John Pianca Consultant

Grounds and Utilities

Jim Wert Team Manager
Don Irby Project Manager
Diane Mayo Project Manager
Nick Morisco Project Manager
Caroline Tsang Project Manager
Veronica Wong Project Manager


Valerie Zylla Team Manager
Dan Ardzrooni Project Manager
Mike Edwards Project Manager
John Fiske Project Manager
George Famous Project Manager
Allan Palmer Project Manager
Alicia Van Riggs Project Manager

Business Operations

Kathleen Kelly Team Manager
Susan Pospiech Plan Review Project Close-Out Manager
Gale Allen Project Management Assistant
Alicia Battaglieri Project Management Assistant
Coco Castillo Project Management Assistant
Percy Fordyce Project Management Assistant
Boe Sanderford Resource Group Administrative Assistant

Financial Operations

Manages and oversees operations such as controls implementation, mandatory trainings, and metric tracking and reporting, and serves as the control point for various administrative functions such as budgeting and financial reporting, campus audits, identity management review and annual performance evaluations.

Shondell Moody Director of Budget
Dan Hoisie Senior Financial Analyst


Monica Stuart Accounting Manager
Mary Mobley Lead Accountant
Edith Herrera Accountant
Janine Stewart Accountant
Carla Arechar Accountant
Tami Garland Accounting Assistant

Contract Administration

Theresa Cerney Director of Contract Administration
Samrawit (Sammy) Ephraim Senior Contract Administrator
Chris Quinto Senior Contract Administrator
Martha Ramirez Senior Contract Administrator
Heather Rubio Senior Contract Administrator
Chris Shurland Senior Contract Administrator
JC Villanueva Senior Contract Administrator

Physical and Environmental Planning

Develops projects, plans and reports, and engages with public agencies, cities and the community, to support the campus’s physical space and transportation needs.

Vini Bhargava Director of Physical and Environmental Planning
Todd Henry Senior Planner
Raphael Breines Senior Planner
Marissa Cheng Senior Planner
Shraddha Navalli Patil Senior Planner
Timothy Green Assistant Planner

Real Estate

Assists the campus in meeting its needs for facilities through methods other than the traditional campus capital construction approach. These methods include the construction of new buildings via third party developers or donor development, purchasing real property and leasing space in commercial buildings.

Michelle De Guzman Director of Real Estate Acquisitions and Third-Party Development
Michelle Starratt Director of Housing Development and Leasing
Barb Evans Contract Administrator
Helen Levay Manager of Real Estate Services
Tobi Leibermann Development Project Manager
T. Anne Stinson Business Officer

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