About Us

Capital Strategies provides a full suite of planning, design, real estate, construction, and development services to UC Berkeley.

Capital Strategies is part of the Administrative Division and includes real estate professionals, architects, planners, engineers, construction managers, and administrative specialists, working together to serve the campus community.

The department is under the leadership of Associate Vice Chancellor John Arvin, and Assistant Vice Chancellor and Campus Architect Wendy Hillis, AIA.

Capital Strategies is organized into several teams, including:

  • Capital Planning: Guides the intake and approval of capital improvement projects, prepares the Capital Financial Plan, and communicates project information with the campus, the Office of the President, State agencies, and the public. Learn more about project initiation and the Capital Financial Plan.
  • Capital Projects: Manages the design, construction, retrofitting, and restoration of campus buildings and their surroundings. Learn more about capital projects.
  • Physical and Environmental Planning: Develops plans, projects, and reports to support UC Berkeley’s physical space and transportation needs. They are the office of record for project design review, environmental approvals, and are responsible for campus compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Learn more about campus planning.
  • Real Estate: Assists the campus in meeting its needs for facilities through methods other than the traditional campus capital construction approach. These methods include the construction of new buildings via third-party developers or donor development, purchasing real property, and leasing space in commercial buildings. Learn more about real estate.

Contact Capital Strategies

(510) 643-7384

Email (for general inquiries and media requests):

We have two locations:

A&E Building
Berkeley, CA 94720-1382

  • Associate Vice Chancellor
  • Capital Planning
  • Communications
  • Finance
  • Housing Development
  • Real Estate
  • Physical and Environmental Planning

1936 University Avenue, 2nd Floor
Berkeley, CA 94704-7027

  • Capital Projects

For questions about bids, RFQ's, and awards, please contact Contract Administration.

For questions about invoices, please contact Accounting.