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Outdoor Lighting Master Plan

As campus programming and activities increase, areas of the central campus are becoming centers of 24/7 activity.

The UC Berkeley Life Safety Committee, with the support of the presidents of the ASUC and Graduate Assembly, made campus lighting a key priority in 2015/16 and allocated approximately $2 million to plan, design, and construct campus lighting improvements. The Pathway Safety Lighting Plan identified and recommended a lighting strategy for the central campus – bounded by Bancroft Way, Gayley Road, Hearst Ave and Oxford Street – including mapping illumination gaps and recommending ways to address deficiencies.

The Life Safety Committee expects to fund construction of the plan’s Phase 1 recommendations using the available funds. The majority of the work in this phase is adding new light fixtures along highly-used pathways. Other recommendations from the plan would be incorporated into a multi-year implementation framework, based on the priorities identified in the plan and of that can be completed when other funding sources are identified and available.

Work Tasks/Planning Process

  • Planning Phase (June 2016 through May 2017)
  • Existing conditions analysis: Identify and prioritize key areas for lighting improvements
  • Conceptualize potential improvements and develop project options
  • Develop master plan document
  • Phase 1: Design and construction (construction scheduled to begin summer 2018)

Outdoor Lighting LED Retrofit Project

The campus has approximately 1,100 LED light fixtures that provide the majority of lighting along campus pathways. Throughout 2018, the campus will be upgrading the LED panels in each of the existing LED outdoor lighting fixtures. This change will substantially improve the level and quality of pathway lighting throughout the campus, starting with the highest priority pathways identified in the Outdoor Lighting Master Plan.