2223 Fulton Street Demolition


Project Phase:

Anticipated Completion:
January 2019


Ferma Corporation

Project Location:
Campus Park (map)

UC Berkeley Project Manager:
Allan Palmer

Project Inquiries:
(510) 643-4793

Demolition was approved by the UC Regents, as 2223 Fulton Street has a seismic rating of deficient and obsolete building systems which make a renovation financially unfeasible. The building has been vacated to resolve any risk to interior occupants. However in a seismic event, the structure is at risk of collapse.

This project will demolish the building and provide for basic site restoration. The area of the building footprint will be graded and left as open space with security and lighting improvements. Landscaping will be restored, storm water management features incorporated and damaged sidewalks repaired.

UC Berkeley’s parking lots adjacent to the building will close for the duration of the project. They will reopen when the project concludes. Parking and Transportation will notify permit holders of temporary relocation to another parking area.

The contractor will review a traffic mitigation plan for this project with the City of Berkeley. Signage and barricades will be placed to temporarily reroute traffic, including rerouting pedestrians to the other side of Fulton Street. During demolition, one lane of Fulton Street closest to the building will be closed to automotive traffic.

Work will conform to standard City of Berkeley hours for construction projects. Demolition will take place in two phases:

  1. “Soft” demolition will begin in early-June 2018. This will essentially remove all fixtures and fittings (for example, doors, windows, and bathrooms), leaving as little as possible down to the building frame.
  2. “Hard” demolition is anticipated to begin in August 2018. This will utilize heavy machinery to take apart and remove the building’s exterior and interior structure.